• Hayley was brilliant. Really confident, came up with great ideas, was very professional, i was really impressed.

  • “I feel more in control of my mental health and feel that I am a better parent because of this”

    Testimonial 6
  • “I have a new level of understanding and i truly hold my heart and thanks to the JESS team for all their help and support”

    Testimonial 5
  • “I am more confident now to when i started, i am now able to respect myself when dealing with tricky situations”

    Testimonial 4
  • Do you want to say anything about yourself…………

    I got to meet new people.

    Scared at first, but I made a friend.

    Testimonial Three
  • Has support helped?

    All the young people rated the program 10 out of a possible 10.

    Testimonial Two
  • What was your goal?

    “ to have sun and meet people”

    “to have a great time”

    “my goal was to make friends”

    Testimonial One