We work in partnership with Barca-Leeds’ Schools Clusters Counselling who aims to improve social, emotional and mental health for children and young people living in Leeds. This is done through a locally delivered and integrated approach, which is provided within school clusters across Leeds.

Our service offers 6-8 sessions of counselling for children and young people. Sessions are arranged with, and held at the child’s school. We invite children and young people to talk about their problems, identify goals for our work together and sometimes find solutions.

Some of the topics children may wish to talk about could be; family, how they are feeling, school work, and/or friendships or something else which is bothering them or they are finding difficult to deal with. Some feelings they may wish to discuss are feeling; worried, sad, scared, angry, confused, and/or are having problems and want to talk about how they are feeling. Initially they may be unsure of what they would like to talk about, we are here to help them explore how counselling could help. Members of our school counselling team use a range of approaches to engage children and young people, including – talking, play, creative activities and games.

Referrals can only be made to the service following a decision at the regular multi-agency meetings convened in each cluster (usually known as Guidance and Support meetings). Referrals made to the Guidance and Support meeting for consideration are usually received directly from the schools in the cluster and via Mindmate following a GP or parental referral.

Once a referral has been agreed a member of our school counselling team will be in contact with the school, parents/carers and the child/young person.